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Guest Info

General Info


MSF's number one Operations goal is safety. The Mid-South Fair will have it's own hired security firm in addition to the Southaven Police Department and Desoto County's Sheriffs office on hand throughout the duration of the fair. If you suspect any strange activity or would like to report an issue regarding safety please call 901.274.8800 and ask to speak with Operations.

MSF Solicitation Policy

In order to maintain the orderly movement of crowds on the fairgrounds and for public safety and convenience, all persons, groups or businesses, whether it is for non-profit, charitable, or commercial enterprise, are prohibited from selling, exhibiting, or distributing written material on the fairgrounds, or soliciting funds or signatures, except from a duly licensed location on the fairgrounds. A licensed location is obtained by applying for a booth on the fairgrounds with Fair Management. Given the limited number of booths available, booth space available is provided on a first come, first served basis. The Executive Director shall be responsible for the enforcement of this rule.

Lost and Found

Lost & Found items can be dropped off and picked up in the Mid-South Fair's Guest Services office in the Landers Centers on the first floor (room #9). Post Fair items will be held in the Landers Center box office. Lost & Found can be reached at 662.280.9120 Please have proper id or an alternative method of identifying the misplaced article.
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